How to Keep Armadillos off Your Washington Property Today!

Armadillo may look like a tiny and harmless Kent creature but it actually has a destructive behavior. Their digging prowess can affect the foundation of our homes and destroy the flowers and plant in our yard. This is why you need to find ways on how to keep them off our property. In this article, we will discuss some of the methods that will help you create a house that will highly unlikely attract the attention of armadillo.

Step-By-Step Guide in Keeping the Washington Armadillo Away

Armadillo will usually prefer to live on their own. Nonetheless, they can create an extensive burrow. They will choose to establish their den close to the foundation of our shed or house. Once the dirt that is supposed to hold the foundation has been dislodged, it may lead to the cracking of the concrete.

Remove the Kent Attractants

The armadillos are visiting your yard when searching for food and a suitable place to establish their den. Since most of their food sources will basically be found under the ground, removing all the attractants will be totally impossible. Nonetheless, there are simple things that you can do to make our home less desirable in their eyes. Start by removing the piles of bush and woods that they can use as covers. Remember that armadillos will love to build burrows in areas that are covered. Any fallen fruit should be cleared out.

Determine the Damaged Areas

The Washington armadillos may be hunting for food or creating their den but their digging habit can really be destructive. By determining the area of infestation, you will be able to learn the best method to control their infestation. For instance, in case you notice damages in your shed, you might want to consider installing barriers in the space under your shed. You can use hardware cloth or wire mesh to limit their access to this place.

Looking for the Best Control Method

When you are suffering from a Washington armadillo invasion, you will learn that there are multiple methods that you can use to deter their activities. Perhaps the better method to control their population would be the use of trapping device. You will have to consider the placement and the bait that you should use when dealing with the armadillo in your property. It should be at least 5 ft. away from their burrows or closer. Fencing is also an excellent option but be sure that it is buried at least 1ft below the ground. This option may affect the aesthetic appeal of your yard but it is very effective.

In case none of this preventative measure works for you, you should try to consult the Kent experts. The armadillo may appear to be small and fragile but when it comes to the damage that they can cause, this creature should not be undermined. The experts can provide you with the appropriate solution for your unique wildlife problem. They also carry the necessary license that allows them to offer their service legally.

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