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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Kent! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Kent, WA. Our company values the life of every living thing. We believe that there is a space for humans to develop and wild animals to thrive. Rather than employing a tactic that can indiscriminately kill other animals or exterminating the entire colony, we found a useful, powerful, valuable, yet less invasive method to deal with the wild animal invasion. We are focusing on the root cause of the problem and not on the animal. This way, we can minimize the probability that a re-infestation will happen. Some of our methods are least understood, but we treat this as an opportunity to inform the public. We are very excited to introduce techniques that will simplify animal control services. After we noticed the massive demand in our service offering, we decided to invest all our resources to ensure that our customers can experience only the best possible results. We believe in utilizing new tools and technology, and we remain open to new ideas that can revolutionize the way we help our customers. As of today, we remain as the leader of the industry of wildlife removal. We predict that in the coming years, wildlife removal will continue to increase its importance as the wildlife activities in the community rise steadily. Therefore, you need to have unhampered access to a company that will push for excellence, transparency, and honesty. Call us now at 253-231-3601 for your Kent wildlife control needs.

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Kent Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will Washington Rats Survive if Relocated?

In some states relocating the trapped rats away from your Kent house is illegal. Aside from the fact that it can cause trouble to other people, relocating rats in an unfamiliar territory can reduce their chance of survival. Compared to other wild creatures, the rats have become fully adapted in the urban settings. Unlike mouse, their capacity to adapt to a new environment is somehow lacking.

Reasons Why Washington Rats Has a Low Chance of Survival in a New Environment

There are various factors that affect the rat's survival rate. If you are using a live trap, you probably prefer the humane method. You want to capture them but you don't want to injure them. Remember that relocating the rat will greatly reduce their chance to survive.

Lack of Access to Food and Water

When you relocate the Washington rats in a unique environment, they will find it hard to look for water and food source. Without these, the rat may die from starvation or dehydration. While they are persistent creature and may try to return to your property, they can only survive for a few days without water or food. Even on the off chance that there is a food and water source, there is a great chance that this is already occupied by different animals.

Kent Predators

Rats prefer to live in high and concealed areas since they want to stay safe from the threats of the predators. Releasing them in an open area will expose them to their predators. The large birds will constantly prey on rats. Snakes also love the taste of the rats. In the urban areas, there are different concealed areas where they can hide themselves. This gave them an opportunity to raise their young and stay safe. Additionally, the rat will find it hard to socialize with the other rats in the wild. A rat that does not belong to a colony will be a likely target of the predators.


The rats are classified as warm-blooded creatures. The ideal outdoor environment should be maintained at around 40-degrees. This means that their survival capacity will be affected if it is raining or snowing. When in the wild, the rats will have to create burrows to hide from the unforgiving weather. Unfortunately, building den will prove to be a challenge if the ground is wet. They are highly vulnerable to the cold season. Young and old rat will immediately succumb to death if they are in a cold environment. 

 Poor Vision of Kent Rats

You are probably wondering why most Washington rats will follow a trail that is close to your walls. This is because of their poor eyesight. In addition, their vision will be greatly affected during the day. Since most of us will relocate them during the day, this will greatly affect their probability to survive.

If you are choosing the humane method, we do not recommend you to relocate them beyond the 100 meter mark. It is still best to create a rat-proof home and release them outside your house. This will keep them away from the factors that can affect their survival rate.