How to Keep Kent Squirrels Away from All of Your Birdfeeders

The Kent squirrels are persistent creatures when it comes to gathering their foods. They will raid our vegetable garden and rummage our trash can. Our birdfeeders are also their preferred target. The squirrel loves the taste of the birdseeds. In case you want to feed the birds but not the squirrels, there are some effective ways to do this.

Ways to Keep the Washington Squirrels Away from the Birdfeeders

In case you are desperate to deter the activities of the squirrel and you want to keep your birdfeeders safe, we listed some ways on how you can achieve this. No matter how persistent they appear to be, you will be able to repel them using these strategies.

Adopt a Kent Dog

This is perhaps the only repellent that we will recommend to our readers since they are 100% effective against the infestation of the squirrel. The dog will be a perfect companion and guard that will guarantee that your birdfeeder will be free from squirrels. For some people adopting a few large dogs will not be a feasible solution. As an alternative, cats and smaller dogs would be effective in guarding your birdfeeders against the vermin. Unfortunately, once they went inside your house, the squirrel will return to your birdfeeders.

Using Repellent

While we cannot vouch for the efficacy of Washington spray repellent, there are still some people who choose to use them due to the convenience they offer. One of the core ingredients of the spray repellent would be hot pepper. This contains an active compound known as capsaicin that makes the hot pepper spicy that the squirrel may find offensive. Compared to the squirrels, birds will not be able to taste it since they do not have the capsaicin receptor. Hot peppers are beneficial to birds. They are packed with essential vitamins that can kill the parasites in the intestines of the birds. 

Squirrel-Resistant Birdfeeders

You may want to invest on a squirrel-resistant bird feeder that will enable you to feed some species of birds while deterring the squirrels. It comes with a strong wire mesh that protects the birdfeeder. There are types of feeders that come with a mechanism that will shut down when there is an adequate amount of weight that is resting on its perches. This will be ideal if the birds that you want to feed will be lighter compared to the squirrel. 

Washington Squirrel Baffle

The baffles resemble a bowl that is slippery that will prevent the squirrels from accessing your birdfeeder. You can install this below the birdfeeder if this is planted on the ground or above in case it is hanging on a chain. These can be purchased at your local home improvement shops. 

Finally you need to consider the location of your Kent birdfeeder if you want to keep the squirrels away. It should be away from the fences, walls, and trees. Your deterrents will be ineffective if they will have a convenient access to your birdfeeder. You can also install a squirrel feeder away from your birdfeeder to distract their attention.

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