Ultimate Guide on Using Washington Pigeon Bird Netting - Get Those Birds

When installing the Kent pigeon bird netting, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that it can properly help you with your pigeon infestation. Bird netting is probably one of the most popular methods that you can use to thwart the activities of these nuisance birds. While it is possible to install it without the necessary expertise, you will soon understand how time-consuming it is in case you failed to do it properly. To help you in the installation, we created a quick guide that highlights the common dos and don'ts when installing pigeon bird netting.

Things You Should Do During the Installation of Pigeon Bird Netting

You should not hastily install the Washington bird nettings. You will have to conduct a research that will enable you to choose the best type of nets for your pigeon infestation. After choosing the right item, you will have to look around to guarantee that you are getting the best possible deal.

Remain Organized

The installation of the pigeon bird netting will be more time-consuming if you do not stay organized. Start by stretching the net to obtain the full size of the net. Aside from gauging the size of the net, this will also help you prevent the tangling of the net that will make the entire process seamless and efficient.

Provide Yourself with an Access

In case you are using the Washington pigeon bird netting to protect your vegetables and fruits, you should not forget to create a small access hole that you can use to harvest your crops. While the pigeon bird netting is manufactured to keep the pigeons outside, you will still need to have an access inside to take care of your crops and harvest the fruits. Make sure that the incision would be large enough to fit in your hands to tend your vegetables and fruits.

Things You Shouldn't Do

Apart from the things that you should do, there are also those that you shouldn't do that will ensure you that you will stay away from the common mistakes and pitfalls in installing the pigeon bird netting. Here are some of them:

Never Assume that All Bird Nettings Are the Same

Pigeon Kent bird nettings are available in varying materials, weights, and sizes. Before choosing a specific net, make sure that it will suit your pigeon infestation. You should also consider the particular thing that you want to keep safe from the damages of the pigeons. 

Do Not Install during a Windy Day

Installing the Washington bird netting when the weather is calm is already tricky. Try to install it during the windy day and you will discover how frustrating it can be. These are made from long and slender nets that can easily get tangled. 

While the Kent pigeon bird netting will protect your house from the infestation of the pigeons, the solution that it presents will never last a lifetime. You will have to combine it with other solution to experience a long-term result.

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